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Our Recipe

Sago / Javvarisi - Upma

Ingredients :

  •  2 cup sago (nylon)
  •  Thick sour curd/water- ½ cup
  •  Moong dal/pasi paruppu/cherupayar parippu- ½ cup
  •  Coconut(Scrapped) - 2 tbsp
  •  Oil- 1½ tbsps
  •  Urad dal- 1/4 tsp
  •  Mustard seeds - 1/4 tsp
  •  Green chillies-2-3
  •  Curry leaves
  •  Coriander leaves
  •  Salt- to taste

Method :

  •  After 8 hours, drain away the excess liquid from the sago (you can even reserve this as you need some liquid to be sprinkled while cooking)
  •  Boil the dry roasted moong dal in an open pan of boiling water
  •  Heat oil in a wide, thick bottomed kadai or in a nonstick pan, add mustard seeds, brown the urad dal and throw in the green chillies followed by the curry leaves
  •  Mix the drained sago and combine gently. Within a couple of minutes the sago pearls turn transparent. Mix the boiled moong dal gently and sprinkle water if needed
  •  The upma should be moist. Close the pan with a lid for 2 minutes
  •  Turn again. By this time the excess water would have been used up and sago get rids of its stickiness if any, and turns soft
  •  Add coconut scrap and switch off the flame
  •  The whole cooking process here takes not more than 4-5 minutes


Enjoy the hot sago upma with coconut chutney

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